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Who we are and what we do

Wandering Europe is part of the Wandering Family of Sites, the most popular of which is Wandering Italy. Both are written by the same writer, James Martin.

What makes Wandering Europe different than other sites? Well, we don't just hit up Google and have it regurgitate stuff on a destination and then paraphrase it until a web page emerges. We actually go to every place we feature. We leave the big cities alone, because the web is clogged with information on those places. We specialize in the small cities, villages, and rural hamlets where people thrive and food is local and traditions last more than a week or so. We go to archaeological sites that explain how culture has evolved in a place.

Another thing that's different about Wandering Europe is that we don't track you. Cookies belong in a cupboard until you eat them, so although we make a tiny bit of money from affiliate programs from web sites we use ourselves to find hotels and apartments or guide books, we don't use advertising that sets cookies in order to follow you around the web like the KGB until you see adverts for everything you've rejected once before. 

I hope you have time to peruse this site. It's home made and fast loading. No zillion dollar web companies were used to embellish the words and pictures you see. The site is simple as cucina povera and I hope you find it tasty as all get out.

You can read a little about the author below--and see him in action. Then, get wandering!

James Martin

Writer, photographer, web wonk and more.

I've been an archaeologist in California, Greece, Sardinia and Puglia in Italy. I live part time in a rural village in Tuscany. I sometimes make videos that please me. I really like to eat. I am not afraid of wildflowers, despite the name.

James martin writer

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