Dinkelsbühl, Germany Travel Guide

Enjoy a stop along the Romantic  Road

Dinkelsbuhl Location Map

Why go to Dinkelsbühl? If you're planning a trip along the Romantic road in Bavaria, it's a nice place to stay and more "authentic" than nearby Rothenburg.

Dinkelsbühl is located in the Wörnitz Valley of Bavaria at about the half-way point along the Romantic Road, east of the A7 autobahn The city of half-timbered houses is 230 km from Frankfurt, 235 km from Munich, and 100 km from Nuremberg.

11,600 people call Dinkelsbühl home. Its moderate size makes it easy to get to and get around in. There are parking restrictions in the heart of the city center; you can drive your car into the old town to unload your suitcases, but you may have to park outside the gates if your hotel doesn't have a parking lot. Dinkelsbuhl doesn't have a train station.

Dinkelsbühl Attractions

A walk around Dinkelsbühl in early evening is a pleasure. Dinkelsbühl is far less touristy than Rothenburg, despite the numerous restaurants and hotels, and just about any street will take you past evocative half-timbered houses and shops. A walk outside the intact walls is also interesting--take the marked trail "Alte Promenade."

Dinkelsbühl's old town is one of the our favorites along the romantic road.

Spitalanlage (old hospital complex) now includes the historical museum, concert hall, and gallery of art.

Stadtmühle, a large, military fortified mill that now houses the Museum of the 3rd Dimension, hands-on displays featuring fascinating three-dimensional effects.

Saintgeogskirche (St. George's Church), a late-gothic church on the Marktplatz. See the "pretzel window" donated by the Baker's Guild. Climb the Romanesque tower (which remains from an earlier church) for great views of Dinkelsbühl.


This statue is significant for its depiction of children and the yearly pagent of the "Kinderzeche." Dinkelsbuhl was beseiged during the thirty years war and held by a Swedish colonel named Sperreuth. While the town elders pondered unconditional surrender, "the watchmann´s daughter "Kinderlore" appeared singing with a crowd of children and confronted the enemy. His own recent grief over the loss of his young son made then colonel lenient - he didn´t ransack the place."


Dinkelsbuhl has lots of shops and artist's studios to occupy the shopper. Shops to look for: Greifen (arts and crafts), Töpferei am Tor (handmade pottery), Kunststuben Appelberg (art), and Holzschnitzerei Buckl (wood carving and nativity figures).


The Night Watchman's Tour: Meet at 9pm at St. George's church to hang with the Night Watchman on his rounds. Every day in season, Friday and Saturday from November through April.

You can download a pdf  walking tourfrom Dinkelsbuhl Tourism that gives concise information on the history, sites and festivals. In addition you can 

Here is an Events Calendar for Dinkelsbuhl.

Where to Stay

The highest rated hotel in the city is called the Altstadtmittehotel. It has a bar, restaurant and terrace.

Also highly rated and in a great location, the Hezelhof Hotel is an apartment hotel if you prefer the convenience an apartment offers.

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